10 of the BEST Outdoor Kitchens Just in Time for Summer

Here in Florida, the majority of our summers take place outside. Whether it’s hanging by the pool or cooking at a BBQ, we Floridians really know how to make use of our outdoor space. So why not add-on a functioning outdoor kitchen to really compliment your backyard? The possibilities are endless with an outdoor kitchen. Choose from countertops and customize with a refrigerator, grill or even a sink. You can get as creative as you want. There really is no limit to what you can or can’t do. The best part is that you can tailor these outdoor spaces to your needs. Here are a few of our favorites.


  1. Build the Essentials

When it comes to building an outdoor space it’s important to keep in mind what you need. Like this homeowner, they kept it simple with a space to entertain, a grill and a cooler for beverages. This area isn’t overdone and it really keeps the essentials of an outdoor area. Perfect for anyone with a smaller budget looking to upgrade their backyard.


  1. For the Outdoor Chef

Outdoor spaces again our tailored to YOUR needs as they do not need the full fixtures that an indoor kitchen would have. If you feel not only you spend the majority of your time outside but also regularly cook outdoors than this is the perfect spot for you! With an attached brick oven, grill, and full countertop with a sink this outdoor kitchen is ready to be used.


  1. Outdoor Dining

If you feel you are cooking outdoors A TON and want to dine outside, then adding an outdoor seating area should be on your list of necessities! An outdoor bar area is a perfect addition to your entertainment space as it can be used for multiple things aside from just a seating area. The extra countertops on the back wall really give preparation room for your summer BBQ meals. We also LOVE the stone countertop on this outdoor kitchen, the calming hues really tie the outdoor space together in unison.


  1. For Those Who Want to Entertain

This space is the perfect entertainment space! With the ability to cook, dine and enjoy the fireplace or TV right in one space this area really does have it all. With a fully functioning kitchen, you are able to prepare meals and serve your guests all right in the outdoors comfort of your home.


  1. An Outdoor Space Built For Parties

This outdoor kitchen is the PERFECT bar space to throw all your outdoor parties. With 2 built-in fridges, a sink and more storage space under these beautiful gray stone countertops. We like the gray stone that was chosen for this area as it ties the neutral area together and it is a great look for the outdoors!


  1. Build a Complete Outdoor Living Space

This outdoor kitchen is fully stocked! We love the two-sided counter space and of course the bar space for entertaining. This area even has its own outdoor living area that is perfect for guests to hang out in. GO all out on your outdoor space and add a backsplash to really top off your area!


  1. Extend Your Kitchen

Not into a full-blown outdoor kitchen? Just add a slab! Add an extension to your kitchen by just opening a window to your kitchen putting in a simple bar. This allows you to bring the party outside at a minimal cost. A great place to entertain and enjoy the outdoors!


  1. Clean and Simple

This outdoor space is perfect for a homeowner who likes a clean sleek look. The simple white cabinets and the gray stone creates a relaxing outdoor area, great for lounging in the summers.  This great tropical space is awesome for homeowners who plan to spend their summers outdoors.


  1. Small and Compact

Looking to add a simple cooking and storage space without taking up too much of your outdoor area? Simply add in a corner kitchenette! Perfect for your grill and an adding in the fridge for all your favorite beverages. This is a great option for people who want to keep their costs low as you are really only adding in a small stone slab. This also helps with spacing in your back porch!


  1. For the Summer BBQ Master!

This outdoor kitchen is perfect for anyone who is ready to slay their summer BBQ! Fully equipped with a state of the art grill, fridge, island and PLENTY of storage space this kitchen is ready to cook and prepare meals for those summer guests! We love the contrast of the white cabinets and the black countertops along with the backsplash. This look gives this outdoor space a modern twist on a traditional looking back porch.


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