Chipped Countertop? DON’T PANIC – Here Is How To Handle It!

Oops – somehow, your countertop was chipped. Maybe you accidentally did it yourself…or your kid bumped it and hasn’t ‘fessed up to it yet. Whatever the cause, you can fix it with our handy DIY Step-By-Step guide. All you need is a little superglue or another clear adhesive, a razor blade, a fine grit sandpaper, and a little elbow grease!


Before you start, it’s important to know what kind of countertops you have. If you have a natural stone countertop, specifically granite, it is able to be surface polished. Granite chips, cracks, and fissures also will get worse over time in comparison to another kind of countertop – quartz. Quartz countertops usually don’t chip, as they are an engineered stone, but it can still happen. Stone chips, such as in a quartz countertop, will last, unlike granite.


If your learning type is visual, we have another option: visit our YouTube page and watch “How To Fix A Chip In Your Quartz Countertop” with Operations Manager John Karnitz.

Know your stone? Then here we go…

Clean your area by laying down a mat to protect your floors, cleaning the countertop, and cleaning the affected area of the chip.

If your stone is a darker color, be sure to shade it in with repair kit stain on the backside.

Glue the chip in with a clear adhesive. Superglue is a good fix as any! You can even use an accelerant to speed up the superglue.

Use a razor blade to fill in any cracks with superglue and smooth the surface of any excess dried super glue. Use a fine grit sandpaper to even the countertop, and buffer the surface to smooth out any remaining superglue or pieces on the counter.

You did it! Enjoy the rest of your day feeling satisfied with your fixed counter!

Now, if for any reason at all you weren’t able to fix your countertop, no worries! Here at Planet Stone, we can take care of all of your countertop needs – whether that means a minor fix to a full-on remodels of your kitchen or bathroom. Give us a call and just skip to step five.