What Countertop is Best for My Lifestyle?

Granite, marble, and quartz countertops are a beautiful addition to any bathroom or kitchen. The extensive range of patterns, colors, and edge designs are difficult enough to choose between. Planet Stone is here to make the decision between marble, granite, and quartz far simpler.

Although they are alike in beauty, marble, granite, and quartz are distinct in the type of lifestyle they are best suited for. Because stone countertops are so critical to the entire make-up of a home, it is important to consider every aspect when determining your final selection.



Best suited for more gentle lifestyles, marble countertops contribute unparalleled charm to a home with its vibrant colors and unpredictable veins. This 100% natural stone requires upkeep. It’s important to keep in mind that marble is still susceptible to scratches, stains, and etching owing to its soft and porous nature. Even after the sealant is applied it can still be stained. No need to worry though. If one of your guests accidentally spills their red wine this holiday season, simply wipe it off quickly and your countertops’ beauty will be maintained. The luxurious allure of marble stone cannot be beaten.


countertopFor homes that undergo more spills, cooking, and activities in the kitchen, granite is a great option. The scratch-resistant nature of this stone allows for people to dice up some vegetables on the surface without worrying about damage, though a cutting board is recommended. Granite is perfect for all of the busy cooking days this holiday season. In an emergency, instead of searching for the hot pad when your Christmas cookies come out of the oven you can place the hot pan directly onto your countertop because it’s also heat resistant. Although it requires a sealant like marble, it’s more forgiving to spills and chemical cleaners. Overall, granite is an affordable, natural stone ideally suited for busy households!


countertopIncredibly comparable to granite is quartz. This stone is alike in the fact that it’s low-maintenance and resistant to scratches and heat. Of the three stones that Planet Stone provides, quartz is the only one that is not 100% natural. It’s a combination of crushed quartz and resin. Homeowners find that quartz adds bright colors and elegant, uniform designs to their kitchen and bathrooms. Best of all, Quartz is entirely nonporous. Wine and grease do not stand a chance against these sophisticated countertops. Just clean up promptly and they will retain their elegance for years to come.

Impress your out-of-town guests this holiday season and give your home the revitalizing upgrade it’s been waiting for. Plan it at Planet today!