5 Easy Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organized


Don’t let a cluttered kitchen keep you from enjoying all of the good times that the this New Year has to offer. Home kitchens are the place for friends, family and fun, so kick off 2019 the right way and organize your kitchen now so you will be able to tackle everything that comes your way this year!


  1.  Use Vertical Space


The shape and size of most kitchen cabinets make accessing items in the back a frustrating task. Organize your kitchen cabinets by focusing on storing items higher, not farther back. Risers are a great way to make everything in your kitchen visible and accessible without stacking mismatched items or shoving something to the back because you didn’t have enough space! This “kitchen hack” will really come into handy when you find yourself preparing dishes!


  1. Store Like Items


Although it may seem logical to store all of your pots and pans in the same area, it’s not always the best option. This is particularly true when it comes to organizing your kitchen for baking. Store your cupcake pans alongside flour, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and everything else you use for baking! This will make your cooking prep and clean-up time much faster. And suitable for all of the delicious desserts this year will bring!


  1. Use Lazy Susans … Everywhere!


The corner of a pantry is most peoples’ go-to spot to keep a lazy susan. While this is great, there are still so many more ways it can be used to organize your kitchen. In the refrigerator, it’s great to store like-items that have different types or flavors like yogurt or coffee creamer. Under the sink, a lazy susan is great to display your cleaning supplies so you can find what you’re looking for without knocking over all of your spray bottles! With people in and out of your house all year long, you’ll love the added ease!


  1. Make a Storage System for Spices


Don’t forget about all those spices when you go to organize your kitchen! Approaches to spice storage are different for everyone depending on how frequently you cook or if you want them on display. For those who feel less inclined to show off their spice collection, it’s important to have a method to the madness behind all those spice bottles! A great way to make the most of space is to label every spice bottle from the top and keep them together in a bind or container. The spice container can be stored anywhere in a pantry or cabinet. When it’s time to cook your meals, just pull out the container and you’ll have a clear view of every spice!


  1. Customize your Cabinets and Drawers


The best way to organize your kitchen and ensure that it stays organized is to customize your space. Begin by going through everything because you may find that you have 3 of a similar spatula or an entire set of Tupperware that has never been used! After getting rid of any extra items, the next step is determining whether you will D.I.Y. the custom cabinet and drawer dividers or hire someone to do it for you. The dividers should be very specific to the shape and size of items you have in order to make sure everything goes back into its rightful place. With space this customized, your kitchen is sure to stay organized throughout the entire year!