Get Creative With These Unique Tile Floors You’ll Love!

St. John Perse said that there is “a world to be born under your footsteps.” What better way to start than creating your own within your home? Whether your style is bold and beautiful or classy and modern, these unique tile floors can help you achieve the look you’ll want to walk on.

For a Classy World

Penny tiles were expected to be trending in 2018 for tile flooring. This lovely tile gives off a classic, traditional, and timeless look to any bathroom or kitchen. You can find classic white tiles, or give it a pop of color to brighten the room. Bringing in a little contemporary style, these white penny tiles rimmed in gold are also a fantastic choice.



For a Contemporary World


The classy white, black, and metallic tones of modern design come to life in this spunky, geometric tile flooring. White and grey shapes blend together with golden grout to fill in the cracks. If you would like to try a darker, more earthy geometric style, the Moroccan wood tile is a more subtle way to catch the eye.



For a Bold World


Let the colors fly under your feet with this bold and colorful tile. Creative mosaics such as the one below are perfect for the adventurer in your life; for a toned down look, try a simply glazed tile flooring. Whatever degree of color you desire, it is sure to stand out.



For a Trendy World


Trending now for 2018 are the natural looks of wood and stone and the industrial looks of concrete and metals. Join the trend with this faux concrete tile look, a perfect fit for any style. If that just isn’t your thing, fabric-look tiles are also in this year; they combine the look of carpet squares with the easy cleanup of tile floors.



For a Geometric Look

Spice it up a bit with a dash of geometry and a little bit of creativity. These tiles go against the grain, a.k.a. normal 12×12” tiles, adding dimension and flair to a room. Choose between varied styles, such as this grey patterned look, the neutral mosaic tones, or the cut-out style of wood hexagons.



When Two Worlds Collide


Can’t make up your mind between two or three looks? For something truly unique, mix up your own world within these designs! In a kitchen, classic wood flooring can pop with some trendy hexagon tiles. If that’s not for you, take black and white tiles to the next level in your living room with this creative mosaic. Need a fresh start in your bathroom? Recreate the wood and marble look with this contemporary design.

These unique tile options provide a fresh twist to the usual home design. Stand out with your own look, or mix and match to get your ideal flooring. Whatever your world looks like, there is something for everyone!
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