Why You Should Always Let An EXPERT Repair Your Countertops

As everyone knows, DIY culture is huge right now and while it can be an exciting challenge, it is not always appropriate for every home project unless you are an expert in EVERY service. Being realistic, we also know that most homeowners are not – especially when it comes to kitchen countertops. Now, it may run true that your MINOR countertop blemishes can be easily fixed, but it is NOT true that you should treat it as a DIY project. A professional is necessary! Here are a few reasons as to why you should always let an expert handle your countertop repairs.


Keeping Consistency With Your Stone


Every stone is unique. So when your stone has damage, it can be hard to duplicate or match the exact same stone. That is why you should always trust the eye of an expert to inspect your stone. This will ensure that the proper repairs to your countertop chips or cracks will be given.


A Chip May Be A Sign of a Deeper Crack


Structural issues can sometimes be misleading. Any crack, chip, or blemish could be more than just wear and tear so be mindful of the possibilities. It is important to contact a professional when these issues arise as your stone may be at a greater risk for damage, and could eventually lead to greater problems for your kitchen or bathroom in general.


Could Decrease the Strength of Your Stone


Making sure that a damage repair is done correctly is key to your countertops’ overall strength. Have a professional inspect and approve the repair, ESPECIALLY if the job involves repairing a seam. This is significantly important to the overall strength and durability of your countertop.



When it comes to your home, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Don’t let your countertops damage go untreated or you may have a larger and more costly issue on your hands. If you feel your stone needs to be inspected for damage, Call our Stone Squad today and let us help you out!