10 Items Everyone Should Have in Their Kitchen in 2019

As the new year approaches it’s time to modernize your home, starting with your kitchen! Here are 10 of our favorite gadgets for the kitchen. We think everyone could user these to make their kitchen and even more wonderful place in your home!

Corner Cutting Board

We love these new corner cutting boards! The way the circular board makes use of the corner maximizes your gorgeous stone countertop space. It’s perfect for everyone from a busy mom trying to get dinner on the table or a great host preparing for guests.

Homemade Pasta Roller

Bring Italy to your home with a pasta roller in the new year! It’s perfect for a fun night in or just cooking dinner with the family. Grab the eggs and flour, and start preparing this meal directly on a sleek stone countertop!

Instant Pot

Whether it’s a busy week night or you just want to be a more efficient chef, Instant Pots are great to have while cooking. The sleek look of the stainless steel will shine while sitting on top of your stunning stone countertops. This small appliance will help you meal prep all year long!

Knife Set

A new knife set is something that everyone would like — they revitalize cooking! Although you are able to cut directly on your gorgeous granite, we recommend against so you don’t dull your knives!

KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid Mixers are a fantastic tool for all chefs. From a mixer to a shredder to a spiralizer, this small appliance brings everything to the table. At Planet Stone we love beautiful kitchens and the intentional style of these mixers is just another reason why we are so fond of them!

Hanging Tablet Stand

With technology becoming so prevalent, more and more people are turning to tablets to seek out the newest and most delicious recipes. Hanging tablet stands are our favorite because they give the chef more stone countertop space to work on baking or cooking opposed to wasting space by propping up a clunky recipe book.

Pendant Lights

To us, pendant lights are the best for kitchens! When your lights are shining down directly on your countertop, you are able to enjoy the unique beauty that every one of our stone countertops has to offer.


Looking for something more simple to treat yourself within the new year? You can never go wrong with candles! We love to find scents that match the season and put them on our bathroom and kitchen stone countertops for the entire household to enjoy.

Spice Rack

Give yourself easy access to all of your spices with a new spice rack. This sleek display will compliment your gorgeous kitchen while also adding ease to every one of your cooking needs!

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are the new, must-have kitchen cooking tool. From cinnamon buns to pizzas to veggies, these skillets can cook everything! Just remember to avoid resting the skillet on your one-of-a-kind marble countertops for too long.


Planet Stone wishes you a Happy New Year, and we hope that your kitchen becomes the best it’s ever been in 2019! Our Planet Stone Design Consultants are here to discuss your project with you and turn your vision into a reality.