5 Bathroom Storage Hacks to Prepare You for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…almost. The holidays are right around the corner, which means that the family is in town and your house (and bathroom) is crowded. Decluttering your bathroom while trying to keep everything organized can be quite the hassle during the holidays. So, to keep your bathroom looking spiffy and organized, here are five bathroom storage hacks!

Sneaky Sink

One of the prime spaces to add storage in your bathroom is to utilize the space under your sink. If you don’t already have cabinetry underneath, this is the hack for YOU! You can do several things to the space under your open sink, such as adding this wrap-around cabinet around your sink’s base. You could also find a curved organizer to encircle the base or perhaps DIY to your own preference!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are all about recycling OLD materials and upscaling them to NEW creations – hence our passion for remodeling! You can create useful bathroom storage from a battered, old drawer. To do this, simply repaint the frame, remove the drawer runners and add a spot on the bottom of the drawer to hang it on your bathroom wall. Our tip? Try adding in decorative paper or hooks within the frame of the drawer for additional style and shelving!

Towel Time!

A bathroom without a shower hook is one of the most annoying things when you visit someone’s home – where do you hang your towel? Here are some unique solutions so your home is never without stylish & functioning shower hooks.

Baskets + Buckets

Baskets have a variety of uses in your bathroom, both for hidden storage and to make a statement! Other than your basic baskets under the cabinets, try mounting wire baskets with the bottom screwed into the wall, creating an open frame for lotions, pictures, hand towels – you name it! You can also rope mini-baskets vertically and hang them from a hook next to your sink or shower for easy storage of toothpaste, Q-Tips, makeup brushes, razors, or hair products.

Feeling Ledge-y

Need a little more countertop space in your bathroom, but don’t have the space for another caddy or cart? Try a picture ledge or a mounted box above your sink and below the vanity mirror. Most of these are easy to install and can hold your basic bathroom essentials, like toothbrushes, hand soaps, sugar scrubs, or facial products. Add a touch of class and place a small vase with greenery on the ledge to spruce your bathroom up!

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