5 Incredible Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

It’s officially summer here in South Florida and you know what that means – MORE TIME OUTSIDE! WIth spending more time outside comes more things to do and more activities to enjoy. What better way to spend all of this time than in your OWN BACKYARD?! An outdoor kitchen can tremendously enhance your life at home while adding value to your home at the same time. We are breaking down these need-to-know tips when planning & designing your new, incredible outdoor kitchen.

Choose a Counter that Withstands Weather 

Your outdoor kitchen should have a counter that includes these few things – durability, functionality and style. Some GREAT choices for countertops include; granite, slate and marble. These are all very durable, can withstand weather and each of them have their very own specific style. You can also be more creative with your outdoor kitchen layout options considering you build everything around the counter layout. The most popular options when designing the layout can consist of a straight island, L-shaped and U-shaped. These are all options that can provide the functionality and style that you need! 

Make Sure Your Kitchen Appliances are Durable

For appliances such as a refrigerator, ice machine, sink, grill and more, it is important that you are truly picking quality over quantity. An outdoor kitchen’s functionality can heavily be dependant on the reliability of your appliances. For instance, if you have a faulty or non-durable grill or refrigerator, you won’t be able to cook outside or keep things temperature controlled outside. This can defeat the purpose of an outdoor kitchen, so it’s best that you choose the most durable options (also keep in mind that weather can also have a huge effect on the longevity of these appliances as well).


Cabinets are meant to provide additional space and to keep the clutter away. Your cabinets should have a good amount of space as well as sticking with the theme of your outdoor kitchen. Keep in mind coordinating your outdoor cabinets in the same way as you would for your indoor space – match your appliances and counter accordingly. For example, if you have materials such as stone or steel, considering combining these materials for a year-round look that is both contemporary and functional. 

It’s Not an Outdoor Kitchen Without a GRILL

Some of your best memories made in your outdoor kitchen are going to the days where your grill is utilized. Holidays, family events, BBQ’s and so much more are going to be filled with burgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies and incredible concoctions so you HAVE to choose the right one to ensure that it will last for you and your family. There are things to consider, though, when going through this process. Take the following into consideration. 

Have a Covered Space

Even though the outdoor kitchen is primarily for the use of being “outdoors,” Mother Nature has a mind of her own and there will always be the risk of weather. Nothing is a worse buzz kill than when you’re soaking up the sun on a hot day with a cold beverage and then, all of a sudden, those short-but-annoying summer showers roll in. If you have a covered space, you can still enjoy the outdoors (and the rain) without it ruining your day. You can also have a space that is covered by a retractable awning. 

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