5 Kitchen Hacks That Will Change Your Life

It’s officially the Fall season and with the new season comes holidays, family visits and the busiest time of year. At Planet Stone, we want to make sure that your home, especially your kitchen, is in the BEST shape before the chaos hits. We’re breaking down FIVE kitchen hacks that will change your life AND keep you organized during this busy time.

Pantry Hack: Racks & Drawers

We all know that our pantry holds the majority of our dry, non-perishable food items in our kitchen. This can cause items to REALLY start to pile up and can also cause things to get lost very easily. Investing in racks or drawers of some sort can help you with organizing your things. You can put things such as canned food, box mixes, seasonings or jars/cans together all in their respective place – ensuring that you have a spot for everything you need. 

Pantry Hack #2: Utilize Your Door!

One kitchen hack that you may not think about is utilizing your pantry door by adding on shelves for extra space. You can do this very cost-efficiently by simply adding like-shelves so you can easily store things like Ziplock bags, bowl lids or other smaller food items that have the tendency of getting lost in the cracks of your crowded pantry. 

Counter Hack:

Do you just have SO MUCH stuff in your kitchen that your drawers AND your countertops are so crowded beyond repair (or so you thought)? Here is a way you can still use the space – but “make it fashion.” Save room in your drawers by using a counter corner as an easily-accessible home for like-items such as wooden & regular utensils, olive oils and other spices that are used in everyday cooking. You can also utilize your counter space to create a “coffee bar” area for you and your guests! No more pulling out the beans, sugar or mugs – it’s all there! This way, family or other guests can help themselves to a good ol’ cup of joe in the mornings OR it will be there as space for you to host as well as serve as a beautiful area with all the necessary morning needs! 

Under the Sink Hack:

Under your sink is the perfect place to hold items such as cleaning products, antibacterials, extra soaps, scrubs, sponges, paper towels and other things that you may need on the flash. Organizing your under-sink area is not as much of a headache as it may seem. Similar to your pantry, you can use separated boxes, drawers and shelving capabilities to separate all of these items. Say “goodbye” to throwing all of your items under the sink and losing them, say “hello” to finding them all – and quickly!

Cabinet Hack:

Your kitchen cabinets can get tricky. With cups, plates, pots, glassware, bakeware, pans and other items, it can get cluttered very easily – especially down below. You can help this clutter problem by installing drawers that pull out underneath your counters. This will help with organizing your bakeware, pot/pan lids easily as well as help you see items that can get lost in the back. This way, you will be able to find your items at all times! 

Thinking of putting these organizational tips to use while giving your kitchen a refresh? We can provide you with the counter of your dreams and our Stone Squad can help you get there. Give us a call at 941-795-2800, we are here to help you turn your vision into a REALITY. Come Plan It At Planet!