5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Dream Kitchen

You can already picture it! It’s possible you have been thinking about your dream kitchen for weeks, months, or maybe even years! Now is the time to wake up from your daydream and turn your thoughts into action. Whether you know exactly what you want or you just have an idea, get the most out of your new kitchen by keeping these key features in mind during the planning process.

dream kitchen

Countertop Material

Solid surfaces in a kitchen hold more power than you think! Not only does this decision dictate how your kitchen will look and feel, but it also plays a major role in the longevity of your countertop as it will get the most wear over time. Whether it be quartz, granite, marble, or another natural stone, each has unique color, design, and durability factors that should be explored to discover what is best for your dream kitchen.

dream kitchen

Storage Space

Of course, you want your kitchen to look pretty but it’s important that it remains a functional space as well! Upper and lower cabinetry, pull out drawers, and built-in pantries are just a few ways to store your cooking essentials. REMEMBER: smart storage solutions & organization are your two best friends when thinking about storage space for your new and improved kitchen.

dream kitchen


Now, let’s get down to the little details that go a long way! Elements such as your backsplash, decor, and even bar stools will determine your kitchen’s style and theme. Whether it be a pop of color or rustic, earthy tones, the mood of this space will be felt immediately after walking through the doorway. Make sure it is the design you’ve been dreaming of!

dream kitchen


It seems obvious, but during the excitement of kitchen remodeling, lighting is oftentimes missed. There are different ways to do this such as utilizing general lighting, task lighting for under-cabinets, and even accent lighting to highlight parts of your kitchen that you want to show off. Determine what is important to you when it comes to lighting your kitchen space and make it happen!

dream kitchen


Now to the elements that will cook the delicious meals you will prepare in your new kitchen – your appliances! This is where you will need to plan ahead of time to determine what you use most and how functional it should be. You will have to choose from either a gas or an electric stove, your stovetop burner preference, refrigerator-size, and microwave are all essential questions that must be answered, to name just a few. After determining what’s best for you, we are confident you will find the perfect appliances for your dream kitchen.

It can be overwhelming at first, but the outcome of having your dream kitchen for years to come is priceless. With preparation, planning, and Planet Stone, any kitchen dream is possible. Contact our Stone Squad today at (941) 795-2800 to let us help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality!