5 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

We know life can get a little MESSY. One of the most cluttered parts of our home can be our bathroom. It’s where most of us get ready for the day, rush into the shower and store all of our toiletry items. An organized bathroom can make your life easier, save you time in the morning AND make your bathroom look like brand new.  We are breaking down five ways that you can organize your bathroom space, declutter your life and start FRESH!


These stackable shoe drawers are PERFECT for organizing items that are cluttered under your sink. If you’re like most of us, we are so used to throwing items down there, ruffling through them when you need an item, it gets lost, they build-up and can look very messy. This way, you can visibly see and access all of your items easily. PRO TIP: go a step further by labeling each drawer so you can keep all toiletry items neatly in place.


Adding separators in your drawers is similar to adding it under the sink – it eliminates clutter and keeps like-items in order. You can easily see all of the things in your drawers which can become a lifesaver when it comes to looking for your favorite items such as makeup, Q-Tips, lotions and oral hygiene products.


Not only does this add a decorative flair to your bathroom, but it keeps extra towels for yourself and guests always on hand! Using a wine rack to store towels is a surefire way to add organization to your space. You can even store things like loofas and sponges as well so your guests can always have them easily accessible! 


The organization tool is something that is not only effective but beautiful! Using a counter stone to build a shelving unit on your bathroom wall is GREAT for additional storage and organization. Keeping tissues, toilet paper and other items that you need easy access to can be made very simple with this tactic. This is also an interesting spin on the everyday over-the-toilet shelving units because you can make it your own by choosing a counter that matches your bathroom counter or one that accents your counter.


Utilizing a magazine holder for more than holding magazines will keep all of your hot, hair-styling tools in one place! More often than not we let curlers, straighteners and other hot tools hang off of our counter or we just throw them into our cabinet/drawer. This can cause unnecessary clutter and potential danger of tripping or electrocution if left plugged in. Not only is it a thin stacking system that creates space, but you can also easily see and grab each tool. You can also store this under the sink so that it’s out of sight!


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