6 Ways to Get the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen

The “Farmhouse kitchen” trend has been growing in recent years. It has become more and more common to incorporate “rustic” or “farm” pieces into your home and, specifically, your kitchen. If you’re looking to do a remodel for your current kitchen, looking for a new home, or just want to add a few elements to your current kitchen, we are here to help! From a Farmhouse-style sink to the type of counter you should incorporate, we are breaking down six ways to get the PERFECT Farmhouse look for your kitchen.

The Classic Farmhouse Sink

Also known as an apron-front sink, a Farmhouse sink is a CLASSIC choice. It gives you more space to work with larger pots, pans and other items. It is a multi-use sink that is unlike any other, giving you flexibility and extra space. This type of sink will be the FOCAL point of your kitchen, so make sure that you choose a material (copper, stainless steel, fireclay, etc.) that will last AND that works for your space.

Open Glass Cabinets

Now, you don’t have to go CRAZY and make every cabinet in your kitchen a see-through, open-glass cabinet, but adding that feature to a couple of cabinets will really visually enhance your kitchen. PRO TIP: If you are worried about clutter or unappealing objects being shown through, choose your BEST glassware, china or flatware to be on display for that specific cabinet. That way, you can show off your favorite pieces while adding to your Farmhouse look!

Counter Choice

When it comes to choosing a counter for your Farmhouse kitchen, you should choose a counter that is light, bright and neutral. This allows you to get creative with your cabinet color choice and other elements that you would like to add, whether it’s now or down the road. The neutrality will also allow you to keep the brightness of the “farm” feel, such as Cambria Brittanicca while enabling you to be creative with the rest of your space as well. 

Wooden Shelves

If space allows, it would be a GREAT addition to your Farmhouse kitchen to add wooden shelves such as the ones above or add them to an open, empty space on the wall. When adding detail to your kitchen, many often forget that you can always add elements that are separate from cabinets or appliances. These shelves give a rustic, homey feel that can add style and space for placing certain items. 

Ceiling Beams

If you have ceilings that are high enough in your kitchen, adding in wooden beams to your ceiling not only LOOKS great, but it also is very on-trend with the Farmhouse look. These enhance your ceiling, give AWESOME effects to your room and are very versatile as far as color and size options. If you have an open-concept floor plan, these beams can turn your entire space to flow cohesively and actually make your space look larger.

Barn Door for Your Pantry 

Looking to spruce up your pantry? Turn it into a barn door! Not only do these types of doors LOOK like actual barn doors, but they are also great for adding style to your Farmhouse kitchen. If you plan it right, you can try and get the same color barn doors, wood beams and shelves to all tie together. If not, try choosing a white door, this will always be a safe, neutral option. 

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