Avoid These Kitchen Design Mistakes

In the stress of designing a kitchen, it’s easy to forget about some crucial design elements. Your kitchen is used multiple times a day, so it’s important to keep in mind all of the design details. Many of these are common mistakes, so be sure to plan ahead and do some research so your kitchen design will be ready to come to life. Here are some of the most common kitchen design mistakes homeowners make.

Being Impractical About Storage

A common trend today is open kitchen shelving. While the aesthetic look of this design can add a great touch to your kitchen, too much of it may mean that you aren’t able to store all of the dishes and utensils that your home actually needs. Another common storage mistake that homeowners make is simply installing too few cabinets. When it comes time to move your belongings into your kitchen, you may find that you don’t have enough room for all of your dishes and small kitchen appliances.

Not Designing For Your Lifestyle

Designing your kitchen in a way that matches your lifestyle is so important to get the most out of your space! If you have children in the house, it may be important to find a countertop that isn’t porous so it won’t stain. On the other hand, you may prioritize other purposes for your kitchen, such as entertaining. In this case, adding an island or raised countertop would be an important thing to consider for your kitchen design.

Forgetting About Your Electric 

It’s important to have your electrical plans set in place before your kitchen design begins. It’s easy to forget about the placement of outlets and light switches, but this can be a big hassle later on. If you forget to place outlets throughout your kitchen, you’ll find yourself unable to use your small appliances, such as a blender or mixer, on your countertops. This small design error can totally throw off the functionality of your kitchen. 

Poorly Planned Lighting

When planning the placement of lights throughout your kitchen, it’s definitely a good idea to think in terms of how you use this space. If you love to cook in your kitchen, bright lights close to your countertop are a great idea so you can always see your workspace. If you decided to install glass cabinet doors or if you have open shelving, you may want to install lighting here to show off your attractive kitchen items. One main lighting design concern is installing according to your countertops. Some countertops are very large, which means that multiple slabs of stone are necessary to cover the entire space. When installed, this leaves a very fine and almost unnoticeable line where the two slabs meet. In terms of lighting, all this means is that you would avoid placing a light directly above where this line falls. 

Buying Without Checking Samples

When you aren’t physically holding samples and comparing them with each other, it’s extremely easy to decide on things that don’t match. There are so many different materials and colors that need to be considered when designing your kitchen – cabinets, floors, countertops, backsplash, and wall paint (just to name a few!) – so always make sure to get a few samples of each. When you have small portions of the actual materials in your hand, you’ll at least be able to determine whether they coordinate or not. 

Ultimately, when designing your kitchen, it’s so important to think in terms of the big picture. At Planet Stone, we’re here to help you turn these kitchen design plans into a reality. Call our Design Center today at 941-795-2800.