Behold … a beautiful bathroom perfectly styled, but you can’t tell because of the cluttered mess in the way. Before you panic, there are two upsides to this vision – you’re not the only one suffering from a messy bathroom AND it can be fixed! If your bathroom is in need of some major TLC, check out these quick tips that will make your bathroom nightmare a picture-perfect daydream.

Show Off Your Countertops

If you’re anything like us, you have put in the effort to make your countertops look clean and beautiful to the eye. Why would you want to damper this with an unorganized countertop? Gather the toiletries you want to be exposed on your counter and organize them on a pretty tray. This way you can still see your countertop while having the help of a moisture-proof, easy to clean tray that will completely complement your counter material.

Organize The Medicine Cabinet

Now is the time to go through the dreaded medicine cabinet and remove the expired, outdated medications. Reconfigure your First Aid Kit and position the runaway medications laying exposed to its original packaging, plastic bag, or relocate to a new area. Moisture can ruin medications, so now is your opportunity to move important prescriptions into a safer place, such as the kitchen. 

Add Jars To Your Counter Space

If you have open counter space, utilizing apothecary jars is a great way to store necessities such as cotton swabs, cotton balls, and bath salts. Not only does it create an improved and styled look to your counter space, but is especially handy if you have house guests using your bathroom while in town.

Conquer The Catchall Drawer

We all have that one drawer that specifically lives as the catchall for makeup, bobby pins, and any other small stowaway item. Tackle the mess that has overcome your drawer by adding divider compartments to better organize your products. This is also another great opportunity to toss anything that is expired or smells funky.

Utilize Shelving Over The Toilet 

Need more space in your bathroom? Problem solved! Claim the space above your toilet with shelving or furniture. Organize additional towels, toiletries, and even extra toilet paper! Add your personal flair to this space with home decor and small indoor plants that add a finishing touch to your shelving. 

Bathroom organization is not far out of reach! With just a little time and energy, you will have the bathroom you have dreamed of. For help turning your bathroom countertop vision into a reality, visit our website at or call our Stone Squad today at (941) 795-2800.