The Biggest Trends in Tile Right Now

1.Colorful Grout



Colorful grout is a great way to add something special to your design. It’s a nice way to include a subtle accent color.   Crisp & classy, these hexagon tiles paired with lime green grout adds an electric or even a beachy style to any bathroom. Most are afraid to commit to a bold color when it comes to their grout, but this subtle choice brings attention to the homeowner’s tile selection without going overboard.

2. Wood Ceramic Tile



Herringbone Style!  Cut the cost of expensive wood floors with these “faux wood”  ceramic tiles. Not only do these tiles give you the look of wood but they are also extremely durable. Ceramic “wood” tiles come in so many varieties which allow every homeowner to achieve their desired look.  Tile is easy to clean and the classic wood look is timeless.  The herringbone pattern is just one way to add something special to your design, be sure to look at your grout options as well!

3. Pattern Tile



Spice your bathroom up with a great pattern. Patterns in tile flooring are nothing new and have been around since the conception of mankind itself. Although the pattern style has evolved, they can be timeless when the design is right. They are a great way to make a statement in any bathroom. Avoid your bathroom looking too busy and pair your tile with neutral colors like above. You’ll avoid the cluttered look while giving your floor the attention it deserves.

4. Penny Tile



Penny Tile is a great way to add elegance to your bathroom. Penny Tiles get their name from their petite size and although they may be small, together they create a mighty sleek look. These eye-catching tiles are great for those who want a unique look without going overboard. They are timeless and you can get creative with your grout choices for the perfect finish to your design!

5. Colorful Geometric Patterns



Geometric Patterns are making a huge splash in 2018. Pantone, the official color authority turned trend predictor, has named Geometric Patterns as the number one upcoming trend in 2018. Now, Geometric Patterns can be incorporated into your home in many ways but one of the most popular ways is through tile flooring. These patterns can give your bathroom or kitchen the facelift it needs. Pair a colorful geometric tile with a white kitchen and instantly let your floor steal the show!