Is a Farmhouse Sink Right for Your Home?

The farmhouse trend has taken over and celebrity designers, such as Joanna Gaines, can take some credit for this. These large sinks are sure to revamp the look of every kitchen. There are many factors that come into play with these stylish sinks and it’s important that homeowners consider all of them before going through with the new install!


The majority of homeowners today have double basin sinks. For those who typically only leave dirty dishes in the sink, the single basin style of the farmhouse sink is perfect for you! The ample space allows you to set down dirty dishes while leaving enough room in the sink to clean them. 

On the other hand, if you find yourself designating one basin for cooking and one for dishes, a farmhouse style kitchen could be problematic, especially during dinner time! The open configuration can make it difficult to effectively separate strainers of food that you’re preparing from dirty dishes in the sink. 

Kitchen Styles

Fortunately for many homeowners, farmhouse sinks are often made from a variety of materials, making it possible to incorporate this new look into kitchens of different styles! Most commonly, they are made of fireclay, porcelain or stainless steel. Depending on the design of your kitchen and sink, farmhouse sinks make a great addition to rustic, vintage and even contemporary style kitchens.



The material of farmhouse sinks affects not only their design but also their durability. As the most inexpensive of the three commonly used materials, porcelain is a great option for homeowners remodeling on a budget. The lower price does come at a (different) cost. Porcelain is susceptible to stains, chips and scratches. Another material, which happens to have the same look as porcelain, is fireclay. This clay material will last longer as a kitchen sink because of its durability. 

Similar to fireclay, as far as durability, is stainless steel. These rust-free sinks are great for kitchens, but you’ll want to avoid dropping heavy pots and pans into them because they can dent. From food dye stains to heavy cast iron pans, kitchen sinks are tasked with handling a lot, so it’s important to put thought into your farmhouse sink’s material! 

Kitchen Adjustments

Is the new sink worth the necessary changes that will be made to your kitchen? That’s up to you! The uniquely large size of farmhouse sinks more often than not means that some adjustments will need to be made to your current kitchen. Most often, the surrounding cabinets and/or the countertop needs to be adjusted or replaced. 

Owing to the depth and width of farmhouse sinks, the typical layout of cabinets may not coordinate with the large sink. When adjusting to the sink’s depth, new, shorter cabinets may need to be installed below the sink. When adjusting to the sink’s width, some cabinets may need to be shifted or removed altogether. 

Farmhouse style sinks offer a modern twist on a classic style, making them an exciting addition to every kitchen! If this new installation is right for your home, remember to hire a trained technician to take on the task. If these heavy sinks aren’t handled properly, your stone countertops could chip during the installation. Whether you’ve decided to replace your countertops or to trim down the current stone so your new farmhouse sink fits, the Stone Squad at Planet Stone is here to help with all of your countertop needs! Call us at (941) 795-2800, or stop by our Design Center to start planning your kitchen TODAY!