Keeping Your Kitchen Drawers Organized

Staying organized in a busy home is key to comfort. Kitchen cabinets are one of the easiest places in your home to become cluttered. An organized kitchen will add ease to meal preparation as well as allow you to easily navigate all of your supplies. Make your kitchen a room you look forward to spending time in again by cleaning up the mess for good. 

Find A Tupperware Set

Tupperware is one of the most difficult items to store as there are so many different shapes and sizes. Even worse, many Tupperware brands appear to be the same size but are actually slightly different, leaving you trying to force on a lid that doesn’t fit. Many Tupperware sets are designed to be easily packaged and stored. When you opt for a set, you will be able to sort and stack all of your Tupperware easily and you won’t have to worry about matching lids to the right and containers.

Custom Storage

When you opt for customized storage, your cabinets are much easier to keep organized. Although some things might get cluttered every now and then, assigned storage spaces make it easy for everyone in the family to put things back where they belong! You can also make these racks adjustable – This will give you a clear view of exactly what you have to work with so you’re prepared when it comes time to cook.

Use Your Wall

Knife blocks can be cumbersome things to store on your kitchen countertops. The hefty items take up a lot of valuable space and they don’t even offer a clear shot of your tools. With a wall magnet, you can easily store all of your knives, which allows them to always be at hand when you need them and gives you a hassle-free clean up as you can simply place them back on the wall. 

Make It Vertical

Vertical storage is a great way to keep everything organized and available. When plates, cutting boards, and pans are stacked on top of each other, it’s easy for items to get lost in the mess. When you can easily see and grab everything you have, it’s easy to make use of all of your kitchen supplies!

Invest In A Spice Rack

Spices can easily clutter. Different brands come in different shapes and sizes. As different spices get used, others make their way to the back of cabinets, sometimes leading you to buy duplicates. Spice racks offer matching containers and they allow you to clearly see exactly what you have. This nifty rack can be stored in a pantry, cabinet, or even right on your stone countertop as it is appealing on its own!

When you have an organized kitchen, you will truly be able to enjoy your living space again. Once you’re done organizing, you may realize that it’s time to turn the vision of your DREAM kitchen into a reality. When you match your cabinets with a stunning new stone countertop – you will never want to leave the kitchen again! To look into new countertops, call our Stone Squad at 941-795-2800 today!