Making the Most Of Your Outdoor Kitchen in Florida Summers

Show off your stunning stone countertops and soak up some Vitamin D by making your outdoor kitchen the place to be this summer! Outdoor kitchens are the perfect way to take advantage of our Florida weather all year long. This fun, bonus space will add a ton of comfort to your backyard experience if they are designed properly. Make the most of your outdoor cooking, entertaining, and relaxing with these tips!


With the heat and rain, it’s nearly impossible to safely store a TV outdoors unless you have an outdoor kitchen. You can install a TV in your outdoor area to keep the entertainment going all day long. From movie nights to sports-filled days, you will always be able to find something for the whole family to enjoy. Even more importantly, the mess will be contained outside!

Warm It Up

Fireplaces come in handy in more ways than simply roasting marshmallows! On top of the beautiful ambiance they add, installing a fireplace or fire pit to your outdoor kitchen will help keep away those pesky mosquitoes. After the sun sets, the fire will be sure to keep the bugs away so you can start enjoying all of your summer nights outdoors again!

Cozy Furnishings

Wooden picnic tables and bar benches may sound like a good idea in theory, but when it comes down to really enjoying your outdoor kitchen, comfort takes priority. Couches and chairs with indoor/outdoor cushions are easy to clean, durable, and most importantly, comfortable. When lunchtime comes, you won’t have to worry about people making their way inside – your family can go directly from the pool to the outdoor chairs! 

Make It Mist

Florida heat can be unbearable at times! If you’re wanting to be outdoors without suffering from the heat, adding a mist feature/system is an easy way to stay cool! These systems can easily be installed along the border of your kitchen. The light mist will cool down surfaces and allow you to be comfortable outdoors without ever spraying too much water!

Bold Lighting

Many homeowners envision using their outdoor kitchen during the day, leaving them to forget the importance of proper lighting. Dim lighting is uncomfortable and difficult to work with. Single ceiling lights won’t do much to keep your outdoor kitchen lit at night, stopping you from enjoying your space to its full potential. When you add bold, bright lights, the fun will continue on through the evening!

You deserve to enjoy the stunning outdoor kitchen that you’ve brought to life. When you make the most of this space, you can entertain friends and family all year long. If your outdoor kitchen is ready for new countertops, call the design center team at Planet Stone at 941-795-2800!